Simpson Air (1981) Ltd
July 11, 2018
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Northwest Territories


Simpson Air is a small air charter operation based in Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories. We provide an essential service by means of air to the remote isolated communities in the Dehcho Region and provide tourism services by means of scenic flights and lodge transfers into the Nahanni National Park and it's surrounding area.


You will be working closely assisting the Chief Pilot/Operations Manager/Maintenance Coordinator with the following duties;

Operations Management Duties:

  1. Control of operations and operational standards of all aircraft
  2. Operations co-ordination functions which impact on operational control (eg. maintenance, crew scheduling, load control, equipment scheduling)
  3. Contents/Amendment of Company Operations Manual
  4. Training and qualifications of flight crew
  5. Liaison with the regulatory authority on matters concerning flight operations including any variation to the Air Operator Certificate;
  6. Liaison with other external agencies affecting flight operations
  7. Ensuring that the air operator's operations are conducted in accordance with current regulations, standards and the Company Operations Manual;
  8. Ensuring that all crew members are kept informed of any changes to applicable regulations and standards;
  9. The receipt and actioning of any aeronautical information affecting the safety of flight;
  10. Dissemination of flight operations safety information;
  11. Maintenance of a current operations library


Chief Pilot Duties:

  1. Developing standard operation procedures
  2. Developing and implementing all required crew member approved training programs
  3. Issuing directives and notices to the flight crews as required
  4. Actioning and distribution of accident/incident/occurance/crew reports
  5. Supervising & training flight crews

Maintenance Coordinator Duties

  1. Use of fleet sampling techniques
  2. Maintaining/amending maintenance schedules
  3. Scheduling Maintenance Tasks
  4. Control of repetitive inspections
  5. reliability programs
  6. control of mandatory maintenance tasks
  7. defect control
  8. Technical dispatch
  9. Maintenance release
  10. Control of elementary work and servicing
  11. Technical record keeping
  12. Quality assurance



Other duties include but are not limited to;

  • flying aircraft on charters/tours
  • answering phones/emails,
  • taking charter booking requests,
  • tour guide,
  • dock-handing, catching floatplanes,
  • assisting other pilots where required,
  • driving passengers in company vehicle,
  • cleaning aircraft,
  • driving company fuel truck (F-250),
  • taking payments
  • general customer service duties.


  • Minimum 3000hrs total time
  • Minimum 800hrs float experience
  • Minimum 150hrs tailwheel & skis
  • Minimum 2 years experience in a similar position
  • Formal training in Canadian Aviation Regulations for Maintenance Control
  • Relocate to Fort Simpson NWT
  • Northern experience a strong asset
  • Time on type an asset (Cessna 206, 185, Beaver and Aztec)