Cabin Radio
January 9, 2020
Fort Simpson, Canada
Job Type
$52,000 per year
Northwest Territories


Cabin Radio seeks a journalist equally at home writing or broadcasting to launch our bureau in the Dehcho region of the Northwest Territories. This is an exciting opportunity to become the only journalist, for any news organization, dedicated to covering the affairs of the Dehcho and its six communities.

The role is based in Fort Simpson, the largest community in the Dehcho, with a little over 1,000 residents. Cabin Radio will offer assistance in the identification of suitable accommodation as required, and will provide a month's training and familiarization in Yellowknife at the outset of the role.

Location: Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories
Start date: February 2020
Contract: Until end of March 2021, with opportunity for renewal
Salary: $52,000 per year
Benefits: Cabin Radio employee benefits program, 15 days' paid vacation per year from commencement of employment


You will be the face of Cabin Radio to the Dehcho's residents, with a role to play on-camera and on-air. However, your day-to-day focus will be robust, comprehensive, fair, and powerful written journalism, published on Cabin Radio's website and syndicated to our partners beyond.

Your journalism will help residents of the Dehcho and Northwest Territories to better understand the region's challenges and opportunities. Nobody else is doing this job – you will have an extraordinary opportunity to produce outstanding, distinctive, unrivalled journalism.

Occupying a role funded through News Media Canada's Local Journalism Initiative, your work will focus on two areas:

  1. Civic journalism
    You will be responsible for reporting, in clear, simple terms, the deliberations and operations of community governments, First Nations, and the territorial and federal governments in the Dehcho, helping residents to understand decisions being made about their communities, livelihoods, and lives.
  2. Housing
    The NWT is in the middle of a housing crisis affecting every community. From Fort Simpson, you will lead Cabin Radio's coverage of this crisis across all NWT communities, becoming a leading source of information – and a voice for those affected – as the territory works to solve one of its most pressing problems.

The variety of issues you will cover is staggering, ranging from elections and police investigations to the fate of the NWT's wildlife; the impact of climate change; the defence of Indigenous rights, languages, and culture; the development of mines and heavy industry; celebration of Dehcho residents' achievements; and the many pressing needs of the region's communities.

The Dehcho broadcast journalist will report to the Yellowknife-based Head of Programming and News and will be expected to foster relations with Cabin Radio's Fort Simpson partner, community radio station CFLK.


Candidates must be able to demonstrate:

  • An ability to produce reporting of an exceptional standard under minimal supervision, proactively identifying relevant news stories and working with the Yellowknife team to quickly create thorough and accurate journalism.
  • Strong communications skills, including the ability to collaborate, put interviewees at ease, explain complex concepts in simple terms, and act as an ambassador of Cabin Radio to our readers, viewers, and listeners at all times.
  • Excellent research skills.
  • Possession of a current, valid driving licence and vehicle.
  • An understanding of media law.

Candidates should have some or all of the following:

  • Experience in written journalism, including the ability to quickly and accurately write breaking news stories within minutes.
  • Experience in radio, delivering newscasts, broadcasting live, editing audio, producing podcasts, and conducting interviews for broadcast.
  • Experience in video, hosting show segments, shooting and editing video, self-shooting with no separate camera operator, and conducting on-camera live interviews.
  • Experience converting in-depth journalism into compelling content on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

The following are considered beneficial:

  • Thorough understanding of the Northwest Territories' Indigenous communities and the priorities and concerns of northern residents.
  • Thorough understanding of the Northwest Territories' political structures, including consensus government and devolution.
  • Working knowledge of more than one language.
  • Skills in photography and/or graphic design.
  • An understanding of WordPress.

Company Info

Cabin Radio is a growing, independent northern broadcaster, entirely owned and operated in Yellowknife, NWT. Our small team produces high-quality journalism and authentically northern audio and video entertainment.

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