K'ahsho Got'ine Self-Government Negotiations Secretariat
October 29, 2019
Fort Good Hope, Canada
Job Type
Negotiable/based on education and experience
Northwest Territories


The K’ahsho Got’ine Self-Government Negotiations Secretariat is looking for a qualified person to fill the role of Executive Director. This is a full-time position located in Fort Good Hope.

The Secretariat is responsible for negotiating a Self-Government Agreement with Canada and GNWT on behalf of the K’ahsho Got’ine of Fort Good Hope. Most of the negotiating team members live in Fort Good Hope, but they travel frequently to Main Table Negotiation Sessions outside Fort Good Hope. The Executive Director must be comfortable working independently and being the point of contact at the Secretariat Office in Fort Good Hope. She/he will face complex questions related to Self-Government that must be addressed appropriately either through re-directing such questions and ensuring that a response is provided or by encouraging the person to attend information sessions directly. This position requires strong organizational and administrative skills given a broad range of duties and responsibilities.


Leadership (10%)

  • Participate with the Board of Directors in developing a vision and strategic plan to guide the Secretariat;
  • Identify, assess, and inform the Board of Directors of internal and external issues that affect the Secretariat and keep the Board updated on activities and initiatives;
  • Assist in the orientation process of new Board Members and ensure the Board Policy and Procedures is reviewed/updated and distributed to the Board of Directors;
  • Attend all Board Meetings and Advisory Committee Meetings, and act as a professional advisor to the Board of Directors on all aspects of the organization’s activities;
  • Work with the Board, the Advisory Committee and the Chief Negotiator to provide guidance, advice, information and support;
  • Foster effective team work between the Board and with Staff;
  • Conduct official correspondence on behalf of the Board as appropriate and jointly with the Chief Negotiator when appropriate;
  • Represent the Secretariat in meetings with partners and stakeholders to enhance the organization’s professional profile;
  • Answer inquiries and foster a healthy network relationship with local organizations in Fort Good Hope and external organizations when appropriate;
  • Liaise with Yamoga Land Corporation, the K’ahsho Got’ine Community Council and the Metis Local #54 Land Corporation for information, meetings and reporting framework from time to time.
  • Step forward to reiterate administrative good practices to the Board of Directors when appropriate;
  • Determine priorities of the Secretariat and build strategic directions with the Chief Negotiator to foster healthy relationship with local, regional and national stakeholders.
  • Determine priorities for the administration of the Secretariat by fostering meaningful discussions that have great impact on the Secretariat; and be able to prioritize based on multiple deadlines.

Administration and Management (40%)

  • Develop and update the Annual or Multi-Year Workplan by incorporating goals, objectives, timetables and strategic directions for the Secretariat;
  • Ensure that initiatives and activities meet funding agreements and objectives set by the Board of Directors and Chief Negotiator;
  • Oversee the efficient day-to-day operation of the Secretariat;
  • Draft policies, procedures and best communication practices from time to time; and review existing policies on a regular basis and recommend amendments to the Board and Chief Negotiator as appropriate;
  • Ensure that personnel files and other financial records of the Secretariat are safeguarded and confidentiality is maintained;
  • Provide support to the Board by preparing periodic meetings notes, briefing notes, verbal notes, minutes, quarterly reports, annual reports, financial reports and other supporting materials;
  • Oversee the evaluation of the Secretariat’s projects and initiatives in alignment with the goals of the organization and funding agreements;
  • Coordinate initiatives and projects with the assistance of contractors as appropriate.

Financial Planning (15%)

  • Work with the Board of Directors and Chief Negotiator to prepare the annual budget;
  • Work with the Chief Negotiator to prepare quarterly budget for Negotiation Meetings, Joint-workshops or Advisory Committee Meetings;
  • Work with the Board to secure adequate funding for the sustainable administration of the Secretariat;
  • Seek out funding opportunities, prepare proposals (including budgets); maintain relationships with funding stakeholders;
  • Maintain financial acumen for the Secretariat and amend budget from time to time pending budgetary changes;
  • Approve expenditures within the authority delegated by the Board of Directors;
  • Ensure that sound bookkeeping and accounting procedures are followed by the Finance Officer and provide genuine support to the Finance Officer in adjusting year-end financial reports and journal entries;
  • Work closely with the Finance Officer to conduct Internal Audits before submitting official files to the appointed auditor (usually internal audits are required 60 days before March 31 of each year)
  • Work closely with the appointed auditor during the Annual Auditing Process; and support the Finance Officer in gathering necessary financial records requested by the auditor;
  • Ensure that the Finance Officer updates the Financial Accounting System accurately;
  • Ensure that the Finance Officer remits annual filings (Canada Revenue Agency, GNWT Payroll, Worker’s Safety and Compensation Commission, Corporate Registries, etc)
  • Ensure that the Finance Officer pays meticulous attention to details and provide ongoing guidance to financial operations that affect the Secretariat within designated timelines;
  • Be able to issue invoices, cheques, and payments when the Finance Officer is absent;

Human Resources Planning (20%)

  • Determine staffing requirements for the delivery of annual workplans and organizational needs;
  • Review the terms and conditions of employment, and advise the Board of Directors for recommended changes;
  • Draft Employment Contracts and ensure transparency in the hiring process;
  • Communicate effectively with the Hiring Committee (3 ex-officio members of the Board) to conduct interviews and staff performance evaluations;
  • Oversee the implementation of the human resource policies, procedures and practices including the development/amendment of job descriptions;
  • Establish a positive, healthy and safe work environment in accordance with all appropriate legislation and regulations;
  • Ensure that staff members receive an orientation/training to foster their professional development with the Secretariat;
  • Coach, motivate and mentor staff members to improve performance;
  • Discipline staff when necessary using appropriate techniques;
  • Schedule regular staff meetings to share workplans and enhance team work;
  • Implement communicational best practices to enhance administrative skills (reviewing documents, upgrade computer literacy, implementing new software, etc)
  • Oversee casual, term and seasonal staff to effectively deliver community meetings, workshops, public information sessions and other educational sessions.

Communications (10%)

  • Draft, review and implement a comprehensive communications workplan (radio, newsletters, website, print materials, community meetings, minutes, reports) with best practices;
  • Draft public announcements with accurate information and details;
  • Produce audio or video pieces, writing articles and maintain a repertoire of communication materials for the meetings, workshops and public information sessions;
  • Identify, collect and produce promotional items for information campaigns;
  • Identify, assess, transcribe and paraphrase technical language documents to plain-language materials for staff, the Board of Directors, Advisors and community members.

Risk Management (5%)

  • Identify and evaluate the risks to the Secretariat’s people (members, staff, Board, advisors) with meticulous maintenance to its property (computer, software, hardware, furniture), finances, image and implement measures to control risks;
  • Ensure that the Board of Directors and the Secretariat carry appropriate and adequate insurance coverage (and renew insurance coverage annually pending on organizational needs);
  • Ensure that the Board of Directors, staff and casual staff understand the terms, conditions and limitations of the insurance coverage.
  • Pay meticulous attention to payments, invoices and any details that could affect the fiduciary duties of the Board.


Education and Experience

  • Post-secondary education in public administration, social sciences, communications, or related field;
  • Relevant equivalencies (combination of education and experiences will be considered)
  • Relevant senior-level experience is an asset

Knowledge, skills and abilities

  • Knowledge of leadership and management principles related to non-profit or governmental sector;
  • Knowledge of all federal and territorial legislation applicable to non-profit sector organizations: employment standards, human rights, occupational health and safety, taxation, CPP, EI, etc.
  • Knowledge of current challenges related to Self-Government Negotiations is preferred;
  • Knowledge of Human Resources management;
  • Knowledge of Financial management (Sage 50);
  • Knowledge of community facilitating practices is an asset;
  • Awareness of K’ahsho Got’ine culture, rights and governance is an asset;
  • Proficiency in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook;
  • Proficiency in website, social media and media advisory tools;
  • Willing to utilize new tools or receive professional development training

Personal qualities

  • Influence and persuade others to achieve results in the best interest of the Secretariat;
  • Ability to navigate complex issues by remaining calm, time-efficient and ethical;
  • Set priorities and determining what is meaningful for the Secretariat in achieving short, medium and long-term goals;
  • Respect confidentiality requirements;
  • Demonstrate patience and empathy in dealing with complex files;
  • Malleable to organizational changes;
  • Develop innovative approaches/techniques to communicate effectively with community members.

Please send a cover letter and your curriculum vitae in one document (PDF). Preference will be given to Fort Good Hope K'ahsho Got'ine, second to beneficiaries of the Sahtu Dene and Metis Land Comprehensive Claim Agreement. If no suitable candidates, we will look into applications from the NWT.

Company Info

In 2008, the community of Fort Good Hope has established the K’ahsho Got’ine Self-Government Negotiations Secretariat. Incorporated under the NWT Societies Act, the Secretariat is mandated to negotiate a self-government agreement with Canada and the Government of the NWT, and to build capacity in K'ahsho Got'ine membership to take on the roles and responsibilities associated with establishing a self-government in Fort Good Hope.
The Secretariat is a non-profit society with three (3) organizations as members:
-The Yamoga Land Corporation
-K'ahsho Got'ine Community Council (which includes the FGH Dene Band)
-The Fort Good Hope Metis Local #54 Land Corporation

Those three (3) organizations represent K'ahsho Got'ine people, in part via the Sahtu Dene and Metis Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement.

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