Yellowknife Association for Community Living
November 13, 2019
Yellowknife, Canada


Position Title: Job Coach
Purpose and Scope of Position

OPEN DOORS offers training and supported employment opportunities to persons with intellectual disabilities and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Utilizing a ‘Place & Train’ model, the individual is accompanied by a job coach to the work-setting while providing the necessary one-on-one training related to the identified task.

The role of the job coach is varied, and is dependent upon the particular needs of the person whom they are supporting. Support is usually bi-directional; i.e., job coaches function to increase the skills of persons with intellectual disabilities and/or ASD while assisting employers to provide reasonable accommodations. Job coaches also assist people with intellectual disabilities and/or ASD develop appropriate workplace behavior and social skills, and solve practical issues; e.g., getting to and from work.

Job coaches assist employers by suggesting practical solutions to typical supervisory problems and/or determining reasonable accommodations. As persons with intellectual disabilities and/or ASD learn the routines and techniques required by their jobs, job coaches gradually lessen the amount of assistance they provide. However they remain available to the employer and client for consultation and may reactivate the intensity of support in certain situations e.g.  change in supervisors or work setting.

Reporting Relationship

Reports to Manager, EmployABILITY & Employment Services

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