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January 17, 2019
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We have invested a great deal of time debating, shaping and identifying why we exist as a company and who we are as a team.  It is critical to us, even non-negotiable, that new people who join our team are excited and committed to our way of doing business and share specific core values.

Ryfan is celebrating it’s 40th birthday in 2019, so we are a seasoned and experienced company. However, as we mature we are ready to take our next step forward.  Here’s what that looks like to us:

Our vision is to transform the MEP construction industry.  The industry is ripe for innovation, and we want to move to the frontier of that development.

Our mission is maximizing customer value through relentless process improvement.  Process improvement not only delivers cost-savings to our customers, but it enhances their experience with us.

Our passion is building something great. Of course, we deliver exceptional services, but we also strive to build great teams, relationships and communities.

Our niche is unconventional projects.  Cookie-cutter projects aren’t really our market.  If a project is weird, innovative, logistically complicated, remote, or any of those, it’s probably right in our niche.

Last but never least, there are three “uniques” that make us stand out:

First, we invest in and help create exceptional employees.  Not only do we want you to build a career with Ryfan, we want to help you build a great life.

Second, we are leading practitioners of productivity improvement methods, tools and techniques.  If there is a better way to do it, we want to be first in.  We never tire of making improvements.

Last, we take leading edge construction techniques to unique or underserved markets.  We go into markets where our competitors may be deterred by the challenges.  We enjoy success whether others fear risk because we are seasoned and experienced.



The reality is, we can’t achieve our Mission without the right people on board.  It is critical to us that everyone on the Ryfan team naturally share these core values:

We build community.  What we build is not great unless it creates value for the community.  The value is larger than the project itself if it incorporates the legacy of our interactions in the communities in which we work and live; includes the way we engage with customers, consultants, other trades and suppliers; encompasses how we teach, learn and grow as a team on-site, in the office and everywhere in between; and involves working to create more winners (“more pie for everyone”) instead of focusing only on winning (“biggest piece of the pie for us”).  We embrace abundant thinking and reject a scarcity mentality.  We avoid blame or fault-finding and we work relentlessly toward solutions.

We earn trust.  Communities are formed through relationships and relationships are built upon a foundation of trust.  We strive to earn and be worthy of the faith placed in us by those with whom we work and interact.  We do this by saying what we mean, meaning what we say, and doing what we say we are going to do.

We pursue excellence.  To earn trust, we must be realistic about our capabilities and committed to always sharpening and expanding them.  We understand that excellence is not a fixed point, but rather a path or way of doing things.  We are steadfast in our pursuit of continuous improvement.

Be fearless.  We champion courage to seek out flaws in our methods and push for further enhancements in our performance.  We are fearless in our willingness to see ourselves objectively and in our openness to constructive coaching.

We practice discipline.  We strive to convert experience into wisdom in a disciplined way.  We acquire knowledge from others and incorporate “best practice” or “leading practice” into our work.  We share and use our hard-won learning with the rest of our team.  In this way we grow, develop and evolve the Ryfan Way.

We celebrate success.  We take the time to celebrate our moments of greatness, the instances of excellence, the acquisition of wisdom, the attainment of a bond of trust, and the warmth of community.  Celebration is the spark and fuel that rekindles our drive to pursue our passion of building something great.



Coming up, we have some exciting goals to accomplish across the company and within the Operations team.  2019 is about building a “line of sight” throughout the organization from the newest hire all the way to the Managing Director.  As part of this team you’ll help build scorecards, metrics, forecasts and budgets to monitor and anticipate the health of projects and the whole organization so we can adjust our plans more quickly to seize opportunity and minimize risk.  We have some audacious goals around schedule variance, our cost performance index and customer satisfaction that you’ll help us achieve.  We will also be systematically reviewing, updating or building core processes across the organization, and particularly in Operations.

You can expect us, and should hold us accountable to, continuously improve our communication with all people in the organization.  Expect to have growing clarity about all aspects of our business, right down to the financial statements.  Decisions should be made closest to the opportunity or challenge and should have the input of all stakeholders. It is a work in progress, but we are stubbornly persistent.




The role of Project Administrator currently requires a significant amount of data entry.  As we systematize, streamline and simplify our processes, this position will grow into an increasingly complex role.  As a result, a successful Project Administrator has the competency to do both.  As a Project Administrator, you fulfill the following responsibilities and accountabilities:

Project On- and Off-Boarding

  • Review the project contracts to assess and plan for administrative support requirements such as holdbacks, reporting (incl. safety), required clearances, security requirements, etc.;
  • Prepare Administrative Project schedules and checklists to support the project’s schedule and deliverables, including project/field reporting and tracking procedures, project safety reporting requirements, and support the project team in complying with them;
  • Maintain paper and electronic project files;
  • Establish or set-up project structure and control systems, prime contracts, and coding structures within Corecon;
  • Identify and plan for how to execute anticipated labour needs (ex. tasks to be completed) in accordance with the project schedule, and identify pre-employment or on-boarding requirements such as drug testing, security clearances and so forth;
  • Develop and maintain the field safety binders, project binders and requirement lists;
  • Develop and utilize project templates including labour reporting (time cards, daily logs), shipping labels, and so forth;
  • Actively participate in kick-off and close-out meetings;
  • Prepare and issue final clearance letters to the customers;
  • Verify that all punch-list items are signed off, and that inspection reports are requested, completed and closed (in development);

Project Logistics

  • Confirm terms of employment for the specific project (ex. living allowances, travel allowances, etc.) and ensure appropriate procedures are in place to support;
  • Support thorough hiring and onboarding processes for employees new to the project/company in collaboration with the PCC and Finance teams;
  • Book flights, accommodations and vehicle rentals for on-site teams in accordance with the project schedule and fluctuating needs, and inform all affected people;
  • Verify security and medical clearances are confirmed with the site, and arrange site access for field teams;
  • Arrange necessary project-specific training for field teams, including collaboration with the Safety team. For example, work with the Safety Coordinator to schedule on-site or local safety training;
  • Maintain turnaround and travel schedules in collaboration with the Project Manager;
  • Manage documentation (ensure accuracy, completeness and timeliness) for major tools, equipment and rentals sent to site, and contribute to a control system to track them and ensure their timely return;
  • Confirm that the team has required training certificates particularly for specialized tasks and make recommendations to the Project Manager and other stakeholders regarding potential lapses.

Contract & Financial Support

  • Record and maintain records of meeting minutes as needed;
  • Verify that sub-contractor requirements are satisfied including WCB/WSCC clearance certificates, certificates of insurance, site safety requirements, etc.;
  • File timecards from the field teams in the project filing system. Review timecards for accuracy and completeness, and follow up on late, missing or erroneous timecards;
  • Document billing and invoicing procedures, and comply with the same;
  • Maintain tracking systems for “Construction Put in Place” and “Earned Value Against Budget”, and report to the Project Manager (in development);
  • Generate invoices in accordance with the project requirements;
  • Reconcile supplier and subcontractor estimates with their invoices. Notify the Project Managers of overages and make recommendations regarding approval or next steps;
  • Ensure holdbacks are reconciled and released;
  • Monitor the estimated profit margin and flag opportunities and challenges to the Project Manager;
  • Update the Project Schedule (including the Labour Schedule and Sub-Contractor Schedule) on a weekly basis to reflect completed work;
  • Maintain the timely accuracy of all data in the project management systems including Corecon;
  • Provide the Project Manager and Field Supervisor with weekly and bi-weekly reporting to highlight project completion, identify existing and forecast upcoming issues and opportunities and make recommendations regarding solutions when able. This includes FLS and CP reporting, productivity reporting, open POs and overdue items, timecard and expense reports, billing reports and so forth;
  • Based upon reporting, follow up on administrative action items as self-identified or requested by the Project Manager and Field Superintendent, including submitting approved timecards and invoices for payment;
  • If applicable, implement and maintain RFI tracking and processing in Corecon;
  • Oversee all administrative aspects of change orders including proper coding, document control and change requests (including updating budgets and schedules), and updated customer invoicing;
  • Document approved changes to contracts or change orders;
  • Verify and enter timely project data including time cards, supplier and subcontractor invoices, and others.

Operations & Maintenance (O&M)

  • Implement and maintain the submittal and transmittal tracking and processing systems;
  • Coordinate with the Estimating team as necessary to ensure projects reflect updated pricing (ex. shop supplies);
  • Create and issue purchase orders for material and equipment purchases/rentals;
  • From sub-contractors and suppliers, compile submittals, manuals, warranty information and shop drawings as needed;
  • Track delivery dates and forecast potential issues and opportunities;
  • Develop and maintain O&M Manuals in accordance with the customer’s specifications;
  • Document and file commissioning and testing reports, customers’ acceptance of O&M submissions, etc.

Nimble Project Team Support

  • File, scan, email and fax project documentation as required by the project’s squad;
  • Regularly update the Project Manager on the project and team’s successes and make recommendations for improvement;
  • Provide ongoing administrative support to the Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Field Superintendent and Field Team as needed;
  • Contribute to the development of team-wide policies, procedures, processes and standards to simplify, streamline and standardize work with the Project Administrator team and within the project’s team;
  • If applicable, implement and maintain the Field Work Order system in Corecon;
  • Maintain drawing logs in the project filing system;
  • Using timely information from the Project Manager, create and distribute Field Installation Work Packages (or Field Work Orders) as required;
  • Generate and maintain the currency of Open Work Order logs on a bi-weekly basis. Follow-up with the field team regarding missing, incomplete or inaccurate work orders;
  • Generate bi-weekly subcontractor reports (project-related) to ensure timely completion of open sub-contracts.

Like all job descriptions, your accountabilities and responsibilities will evolve over time to support Ryfan’s goals, project needs and your individual growth.  As a result, you should expect your job description to change from time to time.



Your new bestie will be Lesley Wilson, Team Lead of the Project Administrators.  Lesley brings a vibrant personality and a diverse set of skills in Project Management, Project Coordination, Office Management and Operations Management. Lesley is trained in Lean Thinking and Value Streamed Mapping, and earned Manager Certification in The 4 Disciplines of (Goal) Execution. As Team Lead, Lesley’s main goal is to help her team of Project Administrators to remain focused and engaged in delivering high-quality project support to ensure seamless project execution and satisfied clients.



As our Project Administrator, you won’t have any direct reports.  Your team is 6-7 savvy other Project Administrators:  You will be located in our Head Office in Yellowknife, NT, 1-2 work remotely, and the remainder are located in the Spruce Grove, AB office.

Your project squad is a nimble team of Project Managers, Project Coordinators and Field Superintendents.  Your squad may change with each project based on each person’s skill set and the requirements of the project.  Although the squads are not fixed, we do try to create as much consistency in your squad as possible from project to project.  For each project, you and the others in your project squad will report to the assigned Project Manager, however, your Team Lead will also play an important role in ensuring that you and the Project Administrator team are provided with consistent support across all projects.



Over the last year or so, the Operations team has grown and shifted.  Emad Delavari, our Director of Operations, joined the Ryfan family in late 2017.  In 2018 we create 2 more Project Manager positions to round out that team and we are still growing by adding this position, our Team Lead, and others.  We are streamlining our team structure to better support nimble project management and work to our strengths.  We have clarified accountabilities and responsibilities throughout the organization to make sure each person understands the critical part you each play in the success of a project and the organization.




Our ideal candidate has the following background:

  • 2-5 years of project administration experience working with complex projects ($7-10M);
  • Demonstrated success in project delivery and execution of project management methods; and
  • Intermediate experience with Corecon.



Our ideal candidate will possess the following skills:

  • Intermediate to advanced skills using Excel, Word and other programs in Microsoft Office;
  • Flexibility to adjust to shifting priorities and deadlines;
  • Effective negotiation, diplomatic, and conflict resolutions skills;
  • Advanced interpersonal, team building, leadership and organizational skills. You are committed to supporting and developing your colleagues;
  • Able to effectively communicate with all types of staff, including technical, professional, and all levels of management;
  • Able to build and maintain lasting relationships with other departments and squads, key managers, and other stakeholders.



In addition to living our Core Values daily, our ideal candidate demonstrates these job-specific competencies:

  • Client Focus: You provide added value through service excellence to our internal and external clients;
  • Planning & Organizing: You develop, implement and adjust plans to reach goals, while ensuring the optimal use of resources.  You are highly detail-oriented and hold yourself and others accountable to the plan;
  • Problem Solving:You identify problems and the solutions to them.  Your solutions enhance the organization not merely the task at hand;
  • Results Driven:You organize time, work and resources to accomplish objectives in the most effective and efficient way.  You take the time to prepare a risk-adjusted project plan with your team before starting and you can adapt the plan on the fly as necessary.
  • Team Leadership: You build strong teams by assuming a leadership role in helping others achieve excellent results. You recognize and help others to see how your team fits into the Ryfan family as a whole.



A competitive compensation package will be negotiated based upon your experience and qualifications. This position is eligible for the following benefits:

  • extended health
  • emergency travel medical
  • dental
  • vision
  • long term disability (LTD)
  • life insurance
  • accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D)

This position will be eligible to participate in our quarterly bonus program (target launch in 2020).

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