KBL Environmental
January 30, 2020
Yellowknife, Canada
Job Type
Northwest Territories


Position Title: Project Manager

Reports to: Manager of Environmental Consulting

Department: Environmental Consulting

The Project Manager manages key client environmental projects, including spill response, site assessment and remediation. Project management responsibilities include the coordination and completion of projects on time within budget and scope. Oversight of all aspects of projects, deadlines, responsibility assignment and project progress. The Project Manager also manages operations at soil treatment facilities operated by KBL, including soil/snow/water acceptance, treatment campaigns, confirmatory sampling, compliance monitoring, annual reporting and budget tracking.


Managing existing environmental projects by:

  • Interacting with clients, stakeholders and regulators to determine project scope of work;
  • Completing estimates, budgets and work plans to provide to client;
  • Obtaining third party quotes for services required for project completion;
  • Scheduling logistics, personnel and subcontractors;
  • Tracking project status, performance and completion to ensure project outcomes are successful both technically and budgetary;
  • Reviewing jurisdictional guidelines and protocols to ensure proper sample collection methods and data comparisons;
  • Reporting of all technical aspects of project work completed, in a manner which meets client and regulatory requirements; and
  • Reviewing and approving third party invoices and generating invoices to client.

Finding and bidding on new environmental project opportunities by:

  • Reviewing available tenders and RFPs to determine potential of the opportunity;
  • Discussing potential opportunities with management to assess potential bid submission;
  • Reviewing bid documents in depth to understand objectives and outcomes as well as any mandatory requirements;
  • Attending potential bidders’ meetings or conference calls to obtain important information regarding the project;
  • Writing proposals to the requirements outlined by the bid documents, including submission of any project or previous experience examples;
  • Interaction with other divisions of the company as required to obtain information required to be submitted in bid;
  • Developing cost estimates that are accurate and include all aspects for the completion of the project objectives; and
  • Submission of proposals which are complete and contain all information that is required to be compliant with the requirements; meeting all submission deadlines.Completing environmental field work by:
  • Travelling to remote locations to complete field work;
  • Coordinating transportation, logistics and subcontractors to ensure that field work is completed in timely manner;
  • Supervision of work crews (drilling, excavating, loading); completion of health and safety meetings and documentation, responsible for overall site safety to ensure that KBL protocols and operating procedures are followed; and
  • Collection of samples from various types of media (soil, groundwater, surface water, and air), ensuring that collection methods and procedures meet the technical requirements in place at the location the work is occurring.

Management of operations at KBL’s own soil treatment facilities and partner facilities by:

  • Communicating with clients to ensure they understand the full capabilities of each individual facility; submitting pricing and acceptance criteria information;
  • Reviewing analytical data of waste destined for the facility to ensure it meets acceptance criteria;
  • Tracking incoming waste to ensure accuracy for annual reporting;
  • Invoicing clients for waste accepted;
  • Completing treatment campaigns of soil and water as required; collecting confirmatory samples;
  • Ensuring waste materials are documented and processed in a manner which allows for tracking individual sources from acceptance to treatment to removal;
  • Operating the facility within the limits set forth by the facility approval documents (water license, operations and maintenance plan etc.);
  • Liaison with regulators to ensure that all facility compliance objectives are met; and
  • Annual compliance sampling and reporting.


  • University Degree or College Diploma in Environmental Sciences (or similar);
  • Specialized knowledge in the areas of environmental site assessment and remediation, including sampling of soil, water and air, interpretation of results and reporting;
  • Adept at working with little supervision, problem solving and adapting to change;
  • Able to find ways to obtain project objectives and deliverables, while maintaining time and budget constraints;
  • Strong communication skills, both written and oral; ability to interact with various types of stakeholders, regulators and first nations;
  • Professional certifications such as P.Ag, RT.Ag, CET, PMP, EP an asset;
  • Experience with various types of environmental consulting projects and ability to problem solve in the field;
  • First Aid training – KBL will provide training; and
  • WHIMIS/TDG certification – KBL will provide training.

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